Traffic Technology Services: Making Vehicles Smarter and Safer

Traffic Technology Services: Making Vehicles Smarter and Safer

Kiel Ova, CMO, Traffic Technology ServicesKiel Ova, CMO
June 6th, 2017, amidst an elite gathering of over 400 leading minds in the connected car industry, the stage is all set for Traffic Technology Services (TTS) to receive the TU-Automotive Newcomer of the Year award for leading the way for digitalization and virtualization of traffic control infrastructure. As TTS is presented with the award, the judges’ panel highlighted the fact that “Traffic Technology Services is tackling a tough business for a startup, but will make a big difference for drivers and cars with the services integrated.” A technology company and information provider for connected vehicle applications, TTS’ core competency lies in the area of prediction of traffic control and laying the foundation for vehicle-to-infrastructure or V2I.

The biggest challenge for suppliers (government agencies) is often a policy decision related to offering a data portal to an isolated system. Through their data products, Personal Signal Assistant and Personal Freeway Assistant, TTS delivers messages regarding traffic control systems that their customers can leverage in connected vehicle applications. The messages contain information about the topology of the intersection or roadway, such as the number of lanes, lane orientations, stop bar locations, and traffic control assignments. Depending on the customer applications, this message can be then used for mobility, environmental, or safety purposes. “Our data products support commercial applications for saving time and energy, fuel consumption, and increasing driver awareness and comfort,” adds Kiel Ova, CMO, TTS.

For the suppliers to get started working with TTS, they must first enter into a data sharing agreement. After the agreement is in place, TTS works with existing traffic control vendors to install and setup their system. A data feed is established subsequently to the servers, which collects statistics on the performance of the transportation system that the firm’s suppliers can leverage in the infrastructure decision making processes.

Our data products support commercial applications for saving time and energy, fuel consumption, and increasing driver awareness and comfort

TTS’s patented technology delivers a service that allows for connected and autonomous vehicle applications to be built on. Using the same process, TTS is currently working with the City of Ottawa, Canada to provide a solution for urban freight mobility and a proof of concept for connected vehicle applications for commercial operations. The firm anticipates the completion of this project by Fall 2017.

Through their product offering and technology partners, TTS bridges the gap between government agencies and the consumer market for V2I applications, and help them in delivering their solution in a responsible and secure manner. Additionally, each of the firm’s C-Level executive is a professional engineer focused on transportation and traffic and has several decades of experience working with government agencies on transportation projects.

What makes the firm steer ahead of the competition curve is their partnership with Audi. The firm worked with Audi in 2013 to establish the foundation for the Traffic Light Information feature in Audi Connect services, the first V2I service offered by an OEM. The technology is today available in Audi Q7, Q5, A5, and A4 models, and will be expanded to additional Audi and other Volkswagen group models. TTS is also working with four other OEMs in various stages of R&D and product development.

Being a member of ITS America, TTS is well versed with the key players and latest technologies. “We are the trend, providing services to support connected and automated features that are the first to market,” says Ova. With the latest buzz in autonomous vehicles being making the automobile even smarter, the firm is all focused on deploying the Personal Signal Assistant in North America, and the Personal Freeway Assistant in Europe. TTS is also exploring some additional products for connected vehicle applications involving other modes and actively seeking government agencies to participate in their technology and become suppliers to their product offerings.