Top 10 Intelligent Transportation Solution Companies - 2017
Rhythm Engineering: Sensing The Rhythm Of Adaptive Traffic Control

Top 10 Intelligent Transportation Solution Companies - 2017

Under the keen eye of scrutiny and innovation, all roads lead to progress. Modern day Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) pave the way to better, smarter and more coordinated use of transport networks. The key challenges had long since been identified—all that remained was to put mind over matter and go about enacting those directives to address them. From rudimentary systems like speed cameras, car navigation, traffic signal control systems, variable message signs, number plate recognition and CCTV systems to more complex applications, integrating live data sources like weather and parking guidance information systems with predictive techniques to allow advanced modeling and comparison with historical baseline data— these crucial pieces stitch together in the grand tapestry of things to form the blanket-term of ITS.

The European Union 2010/40/EU instruction (7th July, 2010) defined ITS as “systems in which information and communication technologies are applied in the field of road transport, including infrastructure, vehicles and users, and in traffic management and mobility management, as well as for interfaces with other modes of transport.” This definition sets the precedent for future developments while at the same time shining a broad light upon the pure scope of ITS today.

As we look to tour the vastness of the intelligent transportation systems landscape,

Government CIO Outlook delivers to you the “Top 10 Intelligent Transportation Solution Providers-2017”, as the GPS to the ITS topography today.

    Top Intelligent Transportation Solution Companies

  • Provides a traffic-video analytic solution that helps to understand and address traffic dilemmas by collecting, monitoring, and analyzing traffic data

  • Provides best-in-class and cost-effective parking technology solutions to ensure optimal utilization of space

  • Provides adaptive traffic control systems to make real-time priority decisions at intersections

  • TTS' cloud-based solutions allow for immediate vehicle-to-infrastructure integration using available communications to the vehicle

  • Transmax provides full-service intelligent transport systems that optimize transport networks and help road agencies deliver community benefits

  • Iteris, Inc.

    Iteris, Inc.

    Iteris is leading the world in applied informatics— turning big data into smart insights for transportation

  • Moxa Inc.

    Moxa Inc.

    Providing key communications, data control, and computing infrastructure to railway automation projects

  • RouteMatch


    RouteMatch’s complete intelligent transportation system (ITS) technology platform lets organizations take advantage of one technology foundation to tackle today’s passenger transportation challenges

  • TransCore


    Providing engineering solutions for safer, more reliable travel on our roads, bridges, tunnels, and highways

  • Trapeze Group

    Trapeze Group

    The firm creates, delivers and supports software solutions and services that make it easier for transportation agencies to manage their complex, day-to-day business operations