Transmax: Holistic Administration of Road Networks

Transmax: Holistic Administration of Road Networks

Mark Williamson, Managing Director, TransmaxMark Williamson, Managing Director
The transport industry is on the cusp of reformation where autonomous vehicles are already being tested, and cars are not just connected to road networks but also with each other. Requiring more astute traffic management systems, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are advancing their capabilities through automation of intricate functionalities with improved traffic management algorithms. With over four decades of experience in offering ITS solutions in Australia, Transmax has developed a single and centrally managed platform, STREAMS®, to expand the potential of ITS and to administer road networks holistically.

The firm collaboratively works with their clients to provide flexible and sustainable traffic management solutions throughout the entire ITS lifecycle. STREAMS® supports a comprehensive range of services and infrastructure from running traffic signaling, managing incident response and motorways to a wide range of other transport services, all through a single system. “Implementing STREAMS® radically reduces congestion, traffic delays, and travel time, thereby improving the standards of road networks for motorists and drivers,” states Mark Williamson, Managing Director, Transmax.

The Managed Motorways capability of STREAMS® administers line-use monitoring, variable speed-limit signs, device management, and ramp metering for improved road management and safety. A unique feature of this system is incident management. Utilizing video image processing via CCTV cameras for observing stationary vehicles or pedestrians on motorways, Managed Motorways can effectively detect incidents in real time and respond accordingly. The Emergency Vehicle Priority (EVP) technology embedded within the system identifies ambulances at intersections and allows them to move first by turning the signal green. “We are effectively reducing the travel time of an ambulance to reach hospitals by 20 percent,” says Williamson.

Transmax is owned by the Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Implementing STREAMS radically reduces congestion, traffic delays, and travel time, thereby improving the standards of road networks for motorists and drivers

After implementing the first ever centrally-controlled and traffic-responsive signalized intersections, the transport department went on to pioneer a series of modern traffic systems, and later, the division of Main Roads was privatized and Transmax Pty. Ltd was formed in 2005.

In Brisbane, Queensland, alone, STREAMS® handles over 800 signalized interactions. Transmax deploys its services right across Australia, with customers in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania. VicRoads, the Victorian Government Roads Authority implemented STREAMS® and Managed Motorways in order to upgrade their traffic systems and ensure better road networks. Utilizing STREAMS®, VicRoads was able to reduce the travel time of commuters during peak hours by 42 percent. The road accidents were minimized by 30 percent on the motorway and by 60 percent in the CityLink tunnel because of Managed Motorways.

The large amount of traffic data that STREAMS® captures is continuously stored on the cloud to relieve the platform from getting overburdened. These data also prove to be extremely resourceful to the transport agencies for undertaking research studies to understand the trend of transport systems in the future. Furthermore, STREAMS® has the ability to seamlessly integrate legacy and third-party systems to capture additional data on transport for research and development.

Transmax plans to expand its frontiers beyond Australia and has recently signed an agreement for a six-month pilot project in the U.S. with the Colorado Department of Transport, to implement the STREAMS® Managed Motorways capability. Once the pilot project gets rendered successfully, Transmax will chart their expansion plans and establish STREAMS® and Managed Motorways services in other geographic locations as well.

Transmax 2020, the three-year roadmap for the firm, envisions an array of new possibilities and multi-model traffic infrastructure that will bring about a prodigious degree of changes to the present ITS.